We Need to Trust Him Who Said He Will Come Again

Christ made the promise more than 2000 years ago. “I will come again” (John 14:1-3). This was the Divine promise. The disciples and apostles believed it. The martyrs affirmed it. The early Adventists rejoiced in it. All of them had passed away. Now is our turn to keep the flame of Hope alive. By trusting Jesus, the Son of God, to keep His Word. He will fulfill it.

Trusting Jesus means keeping His commands. Let us never allow doubt to ruin our faith in the Word of God.

As we enter into the age of sorrow our task is to preach the everlasting gospel (Matthew 24:14). We can preach by our word, by our deeds, and by our means to support others who are faithfully carrying out Christ’s commission.

The Bible tells us not to follow man but to follow Jesus. We follow the Son of God by our complete obedience to His Word.

My son is having fever a week after his surgery. I am still observing him today and will heed the advice of his pediatrician. I trust his doctor knows what needs to be said and done. Also my daughter is having stomach bug and will do the same.

Our world is full of sorrows. The treat of nuclear annihilation is real now than ever before. The reality of famine grips many parts of the world. The catastrophic droughts and damaging floods are the expected normal part of our existence. The pandemic both planned and deliberated are predicted to happen again with many times the death rates. Crimes are unabated. Diseases plaguing the bodies and the souls of people are enormous. Sorrow is increasing just before the coming of the Son of God.

Yet we must do God’s work. Why? Preaching to all people the everlasting gospel will trigger the end of these sorrows! We know this fact.

Joyfully we carry on the task entrusted to us. Soon this world will know the Only True God and His only begotten Son. Majority will not believe but few will trust the Son of God to return again.

Sometimes there are no answers to our questions. Occasionally we find reason to just wait. Other times all we need to do is to trust in Jesus. He will come again.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. Let us meet tomorrow via Zoom for prayer meeting and fellowship. Same Time.

Sincerely in the Blessed Hope.

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