The Sanctuary is the Key in Understanding Christ’s Coming

From 1843-1844 the Adventists were twice disappointed. The greatest was on the autumn of 1844. Majority had left the movement since then. Still many had forsaken their position on Daniel 8:14. And others turned to date settings, et al and denounced those who would not join them. A very small group of Adventists strive to understand the mystery of the disappointment while holding to the correctness of 2300 days/years prophetic reckoning from 457 BC to 1844 AD. They hold the 1844 experience and event as from God.

These group became the pioneer SDA. They concluded that from 1844 was the fulfillment of the first and second angels messages. The hour of judgment of the Sanctuary and the Sabbath restoration was completed from henceforth. The key to this understanding was the fact of the cleansing of the sanctuary instead of on earth they believe it was in heaven. It is the second phase of Christ’s ministration work to complete the atonement process.

The call to worship God on His specific day, our Saturday, was rejected by most Christians during the aftermath of 1844 thus they see fallen protestant churches were “drunk of the wine” as deceived by Rome’s doctrine. In direct fulfillment of the second angel’s message.

The pioneer SDAs rejected the Trinity and Sunday rest. And for the next 50 years expounded and explained the OT and NT teaching of the Sanctuary. The type meets the antitype in the heavenly ministration of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And once the work of investigative judgment is done the final judgment will commence and Christ will step out of the heavenly sanctuary and signals His coming. Jesus will bring His reward of life eternal.

The 1844 experience was from the Holy Spirit of God. They confess their sins, repented from it, and seek the Lord. They were expelled from their churches. They did not envision to start a new denomination but organization was needed to fulfill the third angel’s message. It was affirmed by the pioneer SDAs and commenced to warn the world in fulfillment of the third angel’s message. EG White testified she never changed her position and uphold the 1872 Fundamental Principles of the early SDA. This is our message not to worship Rome and America’s doctrines. Foremost is the Trinity, Sunday rest, and other unbiblical teachings.

After the deaths of the pioneers, however, agents of Satan from Rome, infiltrated, seduced, and introduced Trinity. It was officially declared in 1980s. The present SDA church completed its apostasy as predicted by EG White, et al and watered down the sanctuary understanding of the pioneers and installed the Trinity worship.

This is why I am calling people to reject the present teaching of the SDA on Trinity and I affirm the pioneers understanding of the sanctuary, the investigative judgment, and the final atonement before Christ’s return. The sanctuary understanding harmonized all the plan of salvation in Christ and the signs to know the nearness of His coming.

And this good news will be preached to all the world as a witness, not to convert, but to preach, then the end will come Matthew 24:14.

The good news is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, will come again as promised and warned the world not to worship the false Christ-Satan. Repent and be ready to meet the Lord!

Sincerely in the Blessed Hope.

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