30 Days Ago

After Judgment Hour published my testimony exactly 30 days ago today, I focused on sharing the truth I have discovered about the Only True God and His Son Jesus Christ. My ministry has not been the same again. I received messages from people I have never met. My relatives and friends denounced me. Many withdrew their support. While few friends and new acquaintances came to my rescue.

I also learned that among OTG believers diverse views concerning flat earth theories, Sabbath sunset 6pm rule, original sin interpretations, Christ’s divine powers, Christ pre or post fall human nature, OT feasts celebration, etc were source of contentions. I have never heard some of these doctrines before.

Some were mere speculations with little Bible texts to show. Others were basing it on some early SDA documents. I was a bit overwhelmed by these issues.

I believe that in essential Scriptural teachings we must unite. Non-essential Bible teachings we must be Christlike. I was distracted and burdened but I did wrestle with God in prayer and on my knees to stay focus.

Satan wants to muddy the restoration of truth and reformation of character. The splitting of Biblical verses by ingenious interpretation and misuse of the Spirit of Prophecy turns truth into speculation. While mixing truth with a little error here and there poisons the well. Thus relationships are broken and suspicions with allegations occur. The result is bands of separate groups among the community which is both a blessing and a curse.

Amos 3:3, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”

Isaiah 8:20, “to the law and to the testimony.”

Ministry of Healing, 73.4, “Christ’s method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Savior mingled with people as one who desired their good. He showed sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He invited them, ‘Follow Me.'” 

I have learned from a good friend to approach these issues with humility and deference while firmly standing on Scriptures and Spirit of Prophecy. To be kind and courteous even when disagreeing. While seeking advice from God-fearing people.

In this movement fanaticism and abuse is expected.

We are counseled to represent Christ and the gospel.

Christ is the only begotten Son of God and He represents His Father-the Only True God. The last 30 days changed everything for me. I must be ready and prepare now in both study and character. Also my family must be prepped. I may not have time, resources, or freedom to continue but now is the time to preach the 3rd angel’s message while I still can.

Warn the world and wear the righteous robe of Jesus Christ by faith.

I am grateful for your support and prayers.

Sincerely in the Blessed Hope.

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