I Thank You, Lord!

Hurricane Ian passed by. I thank God we are safe. No major damage to our house. I see now the sunshine and it is a blessed Sabbath day. I am grateful to God for seeing us through the storm. Thank you for all your prayers.

As October begins the days are laid with so much uncertainties and sorrows. Fires may break out in the west. Floods will continue to be a threat here and there. Man made famines are a major concern. Nuclear war is a possibility due to man’s folly. The Savior’s words are fulfilling. No time to lose. The Gospel of Christ’s Kingdom must be preached to all.

What is the everlasting Gospel? It is the truth that there is only one God and His Son. That God is love. This love is expressed in His 10 Commandments. His law was violated by His creation. To fulfill and satisfy the remedy for transgression made upon God’s law no other sacrifice can be accepted than His own Son. Jesus came to saved us. Lucifer obscures the Son and the Sabbath. Jesus fulfilled His Father’s law and showed His Love. The warfare was against the Son and the Sabbath. Christ finished and won it on calvary. Life eternal is given to those who (free will) believe in the one true God and His only Begotten Son.

I thank you, Lord for this revelation. I am very grateful to know You. Thus my life is changed. My understanding is elevated. My thoughts purified. My character ennobled by Your Spirit.

I look forward to seeing God’s people coming to this knowledge. I am thankful that I am alive and in a position to see the prophecy come to pass.

On October 8 I will be launching my first Sabbath Zoom Bible study and worship at 11 am Eastern Daylight Savings Time (US). This is every Sabbath morning. You can join me using the ID: 916 891 5581 PW: SDA.

Thank you so much for the support and prayers.

Sincerely in the Blessed Hope!

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