Understanding the One True God

Earlier this year I sent an email to Michael McCaffrey of the Judgment Hour Ministries. He wasn’t familiar with me or my ministry. I shared to him my story and how I came to know the truth about the One True God by watching his videos and researching if it was so. I also opened to him my journey during the last 5 years. I was brought to the knowledge of the One True God and His Only Begotten Son just few months ago. I grappled with the understanding of the third person and later on came to grasp the Biblical teaching that the Holy Spirit is the presence and power of God the Father and His Son in the lives of His people.

It was indeed difficult decision to come out and share my testimony. Here is the link: https://judgmenthour.org/video-gallery-old/. I incurred the displeasure of people that I love and the churches that I served. I used to conform to the authority and teachers of the Seventh-day Adventist church as a loyal subject. Then my life unravelled. Personal tragedies choked my enthusiasm to continue my ministry. I was swallowed by immense losses in my experiences. The death of my parents early in their lives. The betrayal of my friends. The rejection of many church leaders. Thrown under the bus by certain influential people in the denomination. Divorce. Unemployment. Financial ruin which led to poverty. The my bouts with severe depression and feelings of hopelessness. God allowed these trials in my life to seek Him diligently.

I was also dismayed by the worldly conditions and contentious spirit pervading in the SDA church. My cup running over seeing and presiding over the divisions and infighting in the congregations I led.

Then God opened up to me His self-revelation when I was surrendering my life because I can’t take the pressure anymore. It was when I learned the One True God and His Divine Son Jesus Christ and their Holy Spirit that I realized the SDA Fundamental Belief #2 is an error which the early SDA pioneers never subscribed. I learned the 1872 & 1889 publication of the Fundamental Principles of the SDA which was truth that Adventist pioneers uphold including Ellen G. White.

Now from a trinitarian conformist to the One True God and His Only Begotten Son-the Divine Savior Jesus Christ believer,

I just learned this Truth only this year and thanks to Michael my understanding of God is and His love had profoundly impacted my life to keep hoping, praying, and loving. There is joy in knowing the One True God, His Son, and their Spirit.

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