Identifying Errors in SDA Doctrine

“So bitter had been the war waged upon the Bible, that at times there were very few copies in existence; but God had not suffered his word to be wholly destroyed.” The Great Controversy IV, 1884, p.85.

SDA Fundamental Beliefs (FB) 2- The trinity is basically 3 beings or gods imposed on believers as 1. Whereas the Bible is teaching 1 True God. Neither EG White nor all SDA pioneers accepted this doctrine. The 3 names in Matt 28:19 are not 3 gods simultaneously worshipped. There is a divine order, a distinct personality, and glory manifested in the revelation about God and His Son at stake. Trinity obscures these personalities and presence of Father and Son. Trinity teaches that Jesus is not a literal Son of God but rather a metaphor, a mystery that can’t be known, a role player god. As Jesus proclaims He has a Father in heaven trinitarians, consciously or otherwise, relegated Christ’s words as false.

SDA FB 5- This belief about Holy Spirit is not the spirit of the Father and the Son but a separate god to be worshipped. A shadowy, unidentified person in the godhead theory. This is erroneous because the Bible teaches the Spirit is from God not a god. The third person teaching is not a different god but the third person is the name of the Spirit from God the Father and His Son. The Comforter is not another god but divine life coming from the presence and has the power of both Father and Son. The Throne in heaven is occupied by God the Father on His right hand is His Son and the representative of divine power is called Holy Spirit which emanates from God and His Son. Therefore the Holy Spirit is not the unknown god number 3. Lucifer had inserted himself to be equal with the Father & Son in heaven. He and his cohorts fell from grace due to rebellion and claims of equality.

SDA FB 14- Unity coming from the mystery of the trinity is the teaching of the Roman Catholic. They worship on Sunday to honor their trinity. SDAs unwittingly imitate this worship system of unity. Thus a false doctrine. Unity only comes from truth about who God is and His Son. Not from a philosophical idolatry of a triune gods.

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