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A long and lonely quest for justice and honor. Ramon Magsaysay believes, “Those who have less in life should have more in law.” Dec 31, 1969. The fight for truth may be long yet truth always prevail.




e-Lawsuit against Ron Aguilera

Mark L. Lastimoso v. Ron Aguilera, President Illinois Conference of SDA, Vic Louis Arreola III, Vice President Pacific Union Conference of SDA

Amount in Controversy: $250,000.00

On January 12, 2017, Ron Aguilera, then secretary of Illinois Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) with Michael Daum, then treasurer, issued a decision to put me on an administrative leave without prior consultation, consent, and due notice which resulted to my shock and sadness but assured me that I have a pastoral placement at Central Filipino Church of Southern California Conference of SDA. VicLouis Arreola III, the North American Division of SDA was privy to his decision as well as the head elder of my church Hinsdale Fil-Am SDA Church, Jason Goliath. 

Ron assured me that I have a placement. I waited and followed up for more than five years still no placement happened. My last two years at Andrews University for my Doctor of Ministry was halted and defunded. Ron said he would follow up with me but never did. He failed to address my pay, benefits, and employment. I found out that I have no unemployment benefits from Illinois State, too. 

False statements of continued pastoral employment leading to financial ruin, damage to reputation, and marital dissolution ultimately resulted in continuous unemployment. My conservative Adventist views were taken to discredit me and my leadership. I was morally harmed and my well being was shaken. There was also a non disclosure of non contribution to the unemployment insurance to IL state. 

I believe I was unlawfully terminated, maliciously dismissed, and abandoned as an ordained minister who served for more than 25 years in the church. The defendants have been grossly dishonest and have breached my employment contract.

The sum of $250,000 is the approximate amount of salary lost for 5 years that was not received due to the actions of Ron Aguilera and VicLouis Arreola III plus other benefits and lawyers fees. The illegal dismissal under duress and trust in their words as representing the SDA regional organization’s employing powers and recommendatory influence can make or break a minister whereas it was rendered in good faith and trust that my pastoral career is continued in the mentioned placement post in Central Filipino Church of Southern California Conference of SDA. As a minister I follow the direction of these two superior individuals. The case though is I was led to believe in a pastoral placement that was not for me and I was screwed because I believe their words. I was asked to walk on the sand only this one is a quick sand. There was no employment. But I waited and no placement arrived. Therefore, I am suing them for the financial damages not including moral and professional damages.

The evidence of W2 in 2016 reflects that I was in good standing and was in regular payroll till January 12, 2017 I was asked to leave to take on a “new assignment” which turned out to be a false statement and a phony ploy to dismiss me without me knowing the true nature and intent of their plans. Now I knew it was not true. Also my Doctor of Ministry educational benefits was cut short 2 years before completing due to their actions. It was abruptly ended and defunded. I deserve that benefit due to my performance in the past and my desire to upgrade. Sadly, I was deprived of it as well.

I am suing because I was left in a limbo or in crack of the church. Their actions impacted my life and my marriage. I suffered severely and I can only guess why. Resolve

Website of defendant: https://www.illinoisadventist.org/

Social media of defendant: https://www.facebook.com/illinoisconferencesda/

Laws violated: 820 ILCS 15, Employment Contract Act


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 Yearend 2016 W-2- Final pay for 2016

Tuition for Doctor of Ministry 2016

Status: No Response from Defendant


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