Why is Forgiveness More Powerful than Vengeance!

Both of them were highly educated. They have their own unique set of charisma and character. In school they flourished and engaged in wholesome activities. The boy likes the girl. The girl responded similarly. They confess their love for each other. Eventually they got married and moved on to fulfill their dreams in life. They committed to love each other forever. To be there for one another in case something good or bad happens. To trust and to love became their motto.  Security and stability were etched in the corners of their new home and family.

Now, years passed by the man started to show a different side of him. Also the woman, too. He was discontent with her. She was disgusted with him. He complained daily. He abused her verbally and physically. She fought back hard and called the police. She started to regret and blame herself. She thought she married one person but realized they are two personality in one. She felt disregarded and alone. He felt unloved and rejected. She started to find someone else. He found out of the affair. He caught the intimacy of his wife with another man. Despair turns to destructive decisions. Eventually, they ended up divorced. It shattered their family, friends, and their children.

Extreme sadness was experienced by both parties. Financially they were broken. Hate sweeps both hearts. They could not see eye to eye. Vengeance is in their minds. Someone has to pay and someone needs to be blamed. The lawyers are ready to cashed on in their miseries.

From love to hate. From grace to disgrace. From tenderness to bitterness.This story could end here and the conclusion is deceit, duplicity, destruction, and death for each other.

But here is another side of the story.

The man realized he was wrong. The woman owned up to her mistakes. They were not able to sew the huge tear of their marriage but they decided to forgive. He gave up his claim. She gave him his fair share. He wished her success in her new life. She return that favor, too. They live their lives separately. They made a choice to let go and bury the past. They don’t confess love for each other anymore. They both acknowledge that they can’t be together and be happy. But they can share civility, morally conscious of their responsibility  and not battle custody over their kids.Their paths and dreams were different. Yet they can be humans for the sake that they’re human beings. Both are flawed, faulty, and fit to be judged harshly.

But they forgive each other.

They have their own separate lives. They have preserved their lives. They made it easy to transition from worst to a bit better situation. They allowed second chances to lead them to opportunities and growth.

The lesson is this: forgiveness is not only a powerful idea but the real emotional solution to everyday dilemma. Forgiveness is taking losses for the greater gain. Forgiveness is accepting, tolerating, and embracing the most painful experience and releasing hope, faith, and love instead. Not worldly or carnal. But pure and noble. Forgiveness is losing to win. Forgiveness is opening the seams of the heart to close its wounds with stitches for healing and salvation.

Forgiveness is a gift that unlocks death’s curse. Forgiveness is death to selfishness and self-preservation but new life away from sinfulness and meaninglessness.

Forgiveness is the power for absolute peace and ultimate joy. It is not merely to assuage a person emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, but above all to make a person whole again.

Why don’t we use this power instead of vengeance. It’s free. And it’s always ready.

Remember Jesus the Christ. He forgave those who hated him. His life is powerful. It was because of forgiveness. The sum of all love is to forgive.

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