The Mind Matters Most

Mental health is an extremely important subject public health issue. It is obvious.

I drove my truck to the dealership today to have it serviced. I arrived 8:30am. I skipped breakfast. My wife and my baby girl were still asleep on our floor mat. We purposely sleep on the floor so as to avoid toddler falls and bumps. I have to stretch my body a bit cause I feel dazed because the night before I could not really sleep.

For me, my thinking is intense at night. When the head is set on the pillow the mind raised and raced many scenarios about the future. Food security, financial stability, and relationships are many of the thoughts that occupied the mind’s ether before dreamland appears.

Everything is connected among the systems in the body and the mind is the chief executive organ. I was pushing myself to get out of the mattress and off to throw the trash. I cooked breakfast for my guard dog, Toby, a sable German Shepherd, whose delight is to eat and play.

I washed my face. My long hair has been wavy. It keeps on growing since the pandemic. I have not seen a barber and I made it a point to comb my hair. My weight is higher than normal. My friend said it is due to stress. Maybe? My stomach had bulged a notch and it ain’t pretty.

So I drove the 72 degree Fahrenheit is perfect. No A/C needed in the truck. I loved my drive with he evergreens and trees lining up the highway. I would drive to the long straight road where few drivers take rather than the freeway parallel to it then meet up halfway. I loved the scenic, rustic, farm scene. The cows munch on their hays. Carefree. The strawberry farm just about to open. The neat trimmed lawn along the way is pleasant . I desire to own a farm that I can afford someday.

The greens had a calming effects on my unsettled mind. I was informed the Employment Department has a letter of determination for me. Also the bills that needs to be attended. The debts that have to be addressed. The taxes that are in need of attention, too. All of them on the table.

I was told at the dealership that it will only take an hour to do the usual 5k service requirements. I drove 40 miles west to the dealer because its free for my truck included in the 2 years complimentary service.

I waited. Normally I love to just be outside not inside the building for health reasons. I like to feel the breeze. Besides it was a perfect day and I was grateful for the sunshine. It’s a beautiful day in truth and in feel.

I was called and was informed that there was an accident. The “trainee” mechanic had been negligent and drained my fluid in the transmission (which should not be). Nothing serious it just that I have to wait for another hour or so.

I paced the sidewalk of their building and just think. The manager came to me and explained the situation. He was a white man accompanied by a black man. And I am brown. Colors don’t matter really. It’s the attitude and the approach. The manager calmly explained the situation and the other guy apologized for the inconvenience.

I accepted and appreciated their care for me walking back and forth waiting for my truck to be delivered.

I got out 11:40am and drove back home.

Mental health matters really. It is the difference between anger and unwanted trouble. The consequence is just impactful. How do I take care of my mind: Simple. Exercise restrain. Avoiding agitation and offense. Staying calm. Having a contingency plan. Practicing wait and just thinking of other people’s mental health.

People are stressed and the fire is hot in their minds. To water it down we need to take charge of our own mind’s health.

We are responsible for our responses and for our actions. What we think is who we become.

The mind matters. Mental health is paramount. We need to understand as many people are mentally suffering. We need to be kind and we need to help. A smile. A consideration. A gesture of goodwill and learning to just wait means everything.

Don’t get mad. Be glad to practice how to control the mind.



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