Thoughts on a Preparation Day

My spiritual journey has its moments of highs and lows. Sometimes I am on a mountain top experience. Other times I am on low country experience. The ups are considered happy days and the downs are sad times. There are people who cheer me along the way and of equal magnitude are the jeers that come with being peculiar.

Today is the 6th day of the weekly cycle before the 7th. It is appropriately called preparation day in the Bible (Mark 15:42, Luke 23:54, John 19:31). Since time was established the stars are witnesses that the cycle was never changed. Saturday is still the 7th day. Language, Jewish custom, and astronomy attest it was not moved.

I thought of the way God the Father and His Son lead me to find them through their Spirit. As my eyes were opened rereading the Bible was never the same again. God’s Word glows more brightly. The principles clear and cutting. Its counsels are plain and pure. The elevating and ennobling message sanctifies my dry soul. It blessed my poor understanding. And I indeed find real rest in Christ Jesus, the Son of God.

This rest is the assurance of God’s love and comfort for me through Christ. This sanctifying message is the righteousness of Christ and by faith alone can be understood and received. This blessings are the real provisions that only God can deliver-goodness, mercy.

I thought of the people that had come into my life. Their testimony and story. Their struggles and victories. The sincerity and generosity I felt from them. Though some are more vocal than others there are those who reminded me of the fanaticism and dissension that took place in 1843-1844 among Advent believers. Yes there are disruptors and extremist elements, too in the One True God movement. Yet it is God’s plan to unite us rather than divide us. Satan cheer leads these bands of people to set up and frame falsely the movement to accuse us before the world.

I thought of the two prayer meetings that happened. And I am thinking of the 3rd Sabbath meetings tomorrow (ID: 916 891 5581 PW:TrueGod Time: Saturday 11am Eastern Time Zone). I met intelligent human beings and Bible readers. They also uphold the inspiration of EG White. I am very grateful and thankful for these people and the meetings the Lord opened for us.

I thought of the prayer requests and I am excited to hear the good news of prayer answered next week. Also I am thinking today of that beautiful land where the saved will live forever. I can’t wait to see the Only true God the Father and His Son. But I can’t see God if I am not holy, sanctified, purified, blessed by His Son Jesus Christ. Thank God I can have access to the Father by faith in His Son. Only righteousness dwells with the Father and Son. I desire urgently Christ’s righteousness. Please Lord bathe me with your Holy Word. Cleanse me by your Spirit. Make me Yours and remind me to go and sin no more.

Sincerely in the Blessed Hope.

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