Thank You

I give thanks to God our Father and His Son for our meeting yesterday. I am very grateful to you for joining me. I look forward to another meeting next week. I will be endeavoring to present the message first and then for our Bible study. I was glad to see and hear my OTG community. It had exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much.

As I learn more about the teachings and practices of the early Adventist the more I desire to know the Son of God-Jesus Christ.

A Christ less life leads to an identity crisis. The more I know the truth the more I concede my nothingness. There is a need to restraint self. A humility to opaque the display of earthly wisdom and knowledge. And the more liberal Christ must be presented via deportment, tone, and words. A Christ centered life is the gospel.

Jesus did rebuked some stubborn pharisees. He also ministered to Nicodemus and uttered the now familiar verse of John 3:16. Christ managed the truth with His grace and mercy. He spoke truth with love.

Knowing God and His Son means we obey and follow righteousness. God is love. We are tasked to manifest and show politeness, courtesy, not overbearing, not rude nor mean but graciousness and long suffering just like Our Father and Jesus.

Where is the Holy Spirit in the OTG? The source is God the Father through His Son and breath upon the apostles and disciples of Jesus.

God’s Spirit is manifested by how we treat others.

Sincerely in the Blessed Hope.

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