Happy Day 1

I praise God for allowing me to live a happy life. My wife and my baby daughter were able to smile and say their loves for each other and for me when they woke up. We did our little prayer and I decided to have a day off from running. I normally run in the morning but since the stay at home orders were in effect I decided to stay indoors for most of the time.

Our meal starts at around 1:30pm. My wife cooks while I continue to build my website so we can start our online gig and future digital missionary plans.

Baby is normally crying if not held so we take turns in carrying her. She was so used to this idea that as first time parents we gave in. I would prepare my mind for my evening broadcast live and continue to tweak this new website so we can have some productive way of doing things nowadays.

I am happy because we believe in God and we love each other. I am contented and satisfied with the gift of God in my life.

All I want to do now is to share my happiness and our happiness with others. This is the beginning of this journey.

God bless and keep you.

Published by marklastimoso

Follower of Jesus-the Son of the Living God!