Lord, I am So Sorry For Praying the Wrong Prayers

Lord, I have been praying to you for a long time that you will give me the things I want and even the things I need. There is nothing wrong, I think, in praying for material things but I have been bothered by my spiritual thoughts, whilst perhaps, I have been praying the wrong prayers. I’ve been praying to You to give me $20,000 to pay for my debts, even though until now, You have not given it to me I feel I have been to focus on the secular mundane things instead of the spiritual side of my communication to You. I have been praying that You will give me a good job, a nicer house, and even a great relationship, blissful and successful marriage (all these are justifiable, Lord, and they are not inherently evil) but the reality not all of what I prayed to You seems to make sense because the Bible is clear that I need to seek Your kingdom first and Your righteousness and all these things (not the material, I suppose) will be added.

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