How Can I Say Thanks?

It is a cloudy day here at 48. The light rain is 70% about to pour and I am reviewing and reflecting on my ministry today, 2 days ago was my late mother’s 33rd death anniversary. 3 days from now I will be 49. I emailed you for 170 days straight this blog. I have no way of knowing who desires to unsubscribe, though there are, unless you email me at to “stop.” Please send your message directly to my email. I will appreciate it much.

How can I say thanks?

Yesterday, we were visited by like minded believers from Florida and Rhode Island. We were happy and blessed. This week 2 volunteers from Central California will drive to my place and 1 volunteer from Southern California will fly to Myrtle Beach to join us here to build a fence. I pray for their safety and well being.

On Youtube I started with 416 subscribers on September 2, 2022. Now it has reached 1,016. I have received both love and hate comments. Every Wednesday evening we have prayer meeting via Zoom. Every Friday I join our brethren in Australia for Zoom Bible Study and afterwards preached on some occasions to the One True God groups in Indonesia, and two groups in the Philippines. Every Saturday morning and evening we have services and Bible study via Zoom. I do my livestream everyday via Zoom. And upload videos on Youtube. Someone donated a chair 2 days so I can sit comfortably facing the computer and camera today.

How can I say thanks?

Though times will be tough and rough, I will trust and obey. Though support may lessen and loosen, I will keep on and move on. Though dislike or distaste may strive, I will seek grace and mercy. Though the obstacles will be tall and hard, I will hold the faith and hope. Though billions will deny and discredit, I will believe and love the One True God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

I will not be discouraged nor be dismayed for I know God, my Father, He gave His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ for me. This is enough for me to say here’s my life and ministry-I am both yours.

For the love of God and His Son. Thank you so much.

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