Few Know These Words

Romans 5:8 KJV, “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

Ellen G. White, The Great Controversy, 1858, Ch 3, p. 23, “He then made known to the angelic host that a way of escape had been made for lost man. He told them that he had been pleading with his FATHER, and had offered to give his life a ransom, and take the sentence of death upon himself, that through him man might find pardon. That through the merits of his blood, and obedience to the law of GOD, they could have the favor of GOD, and be brought into the beautiful garden, and eat of the fruit of the tree life.”

Many do not know these words because the book from which the quotation was taken was not widely distributed, deemed obsolete, and scarcely printed. I am bringing this to your attention because of the simplicity of truth and sublimity of hope I received upon reading this book, “The Great Controversy, 1858.”

There are several facts that were presented above: 1) The reality of Jesus as the literal Son of God before the creation of man. 2) The reality that Jesus’ words and actions above are relatable because they are extant in the saga of human love (though marred and imperfect in the context of sinfulness) which offers hope to the hearers. 3) That Jesus was pleading to the FATHER is in harmony with two Divine beings who are both loving and had free will yet united in all their desire to save fallen man. 4) The reality that only a divine life can pay the ransom for man’s sin to satisfy the law of God the Father is key in understand the gospel truth. 5) That obedience to the law of God is clearly possible and doable in the realm of believing Jesus. 6) That forgiveness and restoration are as universal in heaven and in earth by the caveat of repentance and obedience is but fair and reasonable. 7) That man’s own schemes are hopeless and only the perfect life of Jesus paid it all, thus the hope of life eternal is available.

Reading this part of Christ’s offer of Himself as a ransom melted my heart and convicted me of my sins. Such power in simplicity and purity delivers deathly blow to theories and vain explanations of those who assert their imaginations that Jesus is not who He said he was, that He was not the son but another co equal god who pretended to be a son. That there could be no Father and Son relationship is debunked. And Jesus never witnessed another divine being other than His Father and the heavenly hosts is established. No other commentaries necessary to disprove these facts.

I accepted the truth that God the Father’s love is real and His Son’s sacrifice is real. This reality destroys forever in my mind the lies and deceptions of Satan. I believe that God’s Word is plain, pure, perfect, punctuated by love despite the attacks and hate of the enemy. There are only two ways: Jesus or Satan. Choose wisely.

Sincerely in the Blessed Hope.


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