He Gives Strength

I just got a call from a nurse giving me instructions for Friday’s surgery of Elijah. I will be up early by 3:30am to drive 2 hrs and 30 mins to Charleston, SC. I do enjoy driving the back country roads, the national forest, the long straight highway, and the coastal bridge leading to the children’s health hospital. My son will be under general anesthesia for inguinal hernia. I requested the surgeon if he can circumcise him, too, while asleep so he wont be under anesthetics again for it. Inguinal hernia’s best option is surgery. Elijah will be the first patient in the operating table by 6:am. His surgeon is a plant based eater (vegan). My confidence has increased that my son is in good hands.

A friend of mine who joins one of my Zoom Bible study meetings messaged me that her local SDA pastor visited them. And extending his “regards” to me. The word had probably spread that I am proselytizing my SDA friends to be One True God believers. I confess I am caught red handed. I am guilty. Because I love the Lord I must tell them who He is and His Son-Jesus Christ. My former colleagues are now visiting few of my friends. I hope this is not an SDA “inquisition.”

Sometimes the purest motives and sincere efforts can be misunderstood by people. When I was in SDA ministry I would vehemently defend the church. I would call those who oppose trinity as heretics and off shoots. Now, I am being called as such. I am in a unique position to see both sides. And I believe these pastors were doing their jobs to be sure their flock stays in the church. They may not see what I see. Years of theological education calloused them to read philosophically the Word of God as directed by professors. If they only read the Word plainly error could have been detected earlier. The scales of blindness are thick. It took me a generation to understand the truth about God the Father.

To be honest it is not due to lack of intelligence or understanding but due to not receiving the Word as it reads. The Scripture is clear and pure. The one who reads the Bible to receive truth will receive it. No class or scholarship can arrest truth. It is open for all. Of course there are parallel counterfeits like Bible versions and commentaries. Only through the Spirit of God can one truly understand God’s Word.

I pray for those who are going through trials today. They are truth receivers but Satan wants them distracted. Parents are faithful but their children are rebellious. God the Father experienced this. Innocent people suffering unfairness and injustice. Jesus, the Son of God, experienced much worst. Good men and women persecuted for their righteous choices. And many troubles that true believers go through. I offer a prayer of relief through Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much, too for your prayers and support.

Paul learns to be content in abundance or in afflictions. He pressed on to preach the One True God and His Son Jesus Christ.

“I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13.

Yes, the Son of God gives strength to us who are weak and in need.

Sincerely in the Blessed Hope.

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