Zoom Sabbath Service Today at 11:00am US (EDT)

To God be the glory! To the Father and the Son! Indeed a Beautiful Sabbath day of rest. I woke up praising God for this wonderful time to worship the only true God and His Son.

Last night I attended an OTG group Bible study in Australia via Zoom at 8:15pm (my time). There were about 7 of us. It was a delightful study.

After which by 9:45pm I joined the Indonesian OTG church service. I believe more than 32 people in the Zoom meeting. I preached the 3rd Angel’s message to them. It was encouraging to know the brethren there.

I was moved by the testimony of a former SDA member there who understood the OTG message. The leaders of the SDA church wanted to confirm this and scheduled a meeting. This man was apprehensive and wary of being censored or disfellowshipped by the church unsure what to do if they come. The day before this meeting this man watched the testimonial video from Judgment Hour. He was impressed to stand for the truth. The visit happened and he and his wife confirmed their belief in the One True God and rejected Trinity. They are now part of the group I shared the message of the third angel’s last night. I praise God! I could not help but say God is working mightily among His people. He is moving among the remnant.

I slept a bit late but was sharing to my wife the glad tidings. Amazing work of God! We prayed and gave thanks.

Today, I live streamed 2 videos via Youtube and I hope the AI will not obscure or flagged the messages being shared. Tech companies are not glad to share the truth from God’s Word. They are bent on misinforming us albeit deceive us.

I am grateful to all of you. And I hope to see you in about 2 hours. Join in Zoom as new meeting then enter ID: 9168915581 Passcode: SDA.

Happy Sabbath and May God bless you!

Thank you so much for your support!

Sincerely in the Blessed Hope.

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