About “The Spirit of Prophecy The Great Controversy Between Christ & His Angels and Satan & His Angels Volume IV, 1884 Ellen G. White”

Michael McCaffrey, of Judgment Hour Ministries , gave me a copy of this book. I have read the later version when I was in high school. I realized upon reading the 1884 that the editions of 1888, 1911, etc were revised versions.

EG White was in “anguished because men in responsible positions were holding this book [vol IV] back and their disregard for the Lord’s instruction to get this back to the world.”

She was attacked while writing the 1884 volume. But there is no such account given toward the 1888 or 1911 revisions.

She mentions over and over volume 4. The 1888 or the 1911 were never called volume IV. “Volume Four of the Great Controversy unmasks the deceptions of Satan, and we may expect the enemy of all righteousness will put forth every effort in his power to keep away from the people that which unveils his arts.” Manuscript 31, 1980.

Yesterday I received some documents that shows the deceptions of Satan using highly influential SDA like WW Prescott, et al to effect revisions and changes to the original volume IV.

My point here is for us to share the Vol IV to as many people as we can. It is available at Judgment Hour Ministries (link above) for purchase. I highly recommend this original writing of this book to be a missionary book.

The present SDA church has clearly departed from the true faith of the early SDAs. We have great task ahead warning our brethren and others that the corporate SDA have been compromised and corrupted by Rome. This is the truth. That we must come out of her and join the movement of the remnant.

I strongly believe we have a short amount of time to do this before all other means will be shut off for us to share this precious volume IV truth.

Let us act.

Sincerely in the Blessed Hope.

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