Restoration and Reformation

What is happening now within the SDA Church is a deep struggle to restore the old path or continue the new path which are branching out to newer paths. The old path was led by the founders and pioneers of the SDA who were non-trinitarians. They upheld the One True God and His only begotten Son-Jesus Christ. Also they taught the pillars of truth as experienced after 1844 which they all considered as the restoration of older path of truth especially the Sabbath and the three angels’ messages. Tucked in their writings are the messages of diet reform, dress reform, and decentralized organization. They preached the heavenly sanctuary message. Advocated the Comforter as the Spirit of Christ. They all rejected pantheism, spiritualism and new age teachings at that time. They oppose creeds, church manual, and hymns that promote Trinitarian doctrine.

While on the other hand the new path started after the death of EG White, the pioneers, and their families. The apostasy completed in the 1980s when the church leadership voted to include Trinity as the No 2 belief of the SDA Church. The new path was trinitarian. They preached a new theology which is contrary to the pillars of truth held by early adventists. Sabbath was taken lightly and the sanctuary message confused. They introduced centralized governance and incorporated the church to be run as a business enterprise with a set of creeds, hymns, and manual. Much like the Roman Catholic Church. The levels of organization is strikingly similar as well as the Trinity and the re-interpretation and rewriting of Daniel & Revelation series. The health message was not anymore the right hand of the gospel. The original health system blueprint was changed. The new path is a totally hybrid of some old ways and new ways of practicing the SDA faith. They embraced the new age teachings, too.

The newer paths branched out of this new in the 1990s is a complete abandonment of the old path. They mimic the mega church of the Sunday keeping churches. Loose moral standards and redefining the new theology into more conforming and acceptable theology in the society. Sunday services are being offered as evangelism opportunity. This path is confusing which leads back to Babylonian ways of worship and aspirations.

Clearly, the choice is either to return to the old path or continue to innovate new paths toward conformity with the world.

The One True God message is a call to separate from the new path and the return to the old path which was forsakened and abandoned.

I joined that movement to restore the old path and reformation to a new life different from the world. I am now calling on others to consider this message. Have mercy Oh Lord!

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