Ecclesiates: From My Point of View

Words are sacred. Speak always in, with, and to honor. All is vain.  Even complaining is vain. Labor is honorable.  It is our duty to work. No one is permanent in this earth.  Only the earth is permanent.
The sun functions to give light and energy.  It does not respect life. The wind moves in mysterious ways.  It’s moving but you can’t see it. The sea is never satisfied.  It keeps on receiving, recycling, and renewing.
We worry a great deal.  Enjoyment is temporary. Human beings can’t change history.  History can change humanity.
There is nothing new.  What is new now was old then. People easily forget.  Our memory is short. I [am] becomes the center sin and pride.  I’ll is the center of futility. Wisdom doesn’t give happiness. Choices do. Happiness is not seen, shown, or served. It is felt.
No one can change oneself except oneself. Nothing can change the world. Wisdom & foolishness are two extremes. Death equals both.
The wise knows that he will be a fool. But a fool doesn’t. Too much of everything is harmful.  Less of something also is dangerous. Pleasures are momentary. Every moment of it is vain. Laughter doesn’t mean happiness. Laughter and madness are the same.
Wine will never satisfy the mind of pleasure. Wine stirs up madness. Building great houses and vineyards requires a lot. That lot is great pain. Men’s eyes are not satisfied with green. Nor any other colors will satisfy a person.
The forest is watered and harvested. So floods and droughts continue. Slaves work for their masters for wages. Masters work for their appetites. Treasures, talents, & temptations are not forever. These things will pass.
Greatness brings rivalry & envy. Yet all welcomes greatness. Indulgence is never a reward. Indulgence is regret. At the end of the day what have we gain? Simply doing nothing is irrelevant. Compare wisdom & foolishness. Both are vain.
Wisdom has an advantage. It knows the wrong. Foolishness denies the truth. Both the wise & the foolish will end up the same. Nature will treat them the same. The fool’s pain is the same with the wise. Time doesn’t honor wisdom or foolishness. All things will be forgotten.
If you hate life, it’s meaningless. If you love life, it’s meaningless. Riches are like building a sand castle. It will be trampled and build by another. We only know the present. The future belongs to the unknown.
The heart despairs because it is not satisfied. It will never be. A father’s hoard is a baby’s squander. The cycle is unending. Human beings are time limited. Yet they don’t know how to limit vanity.
Restlessness comes from insecurity. We toil to be secured yet we are restless. We are created to enjoy life. Eat smart, drink well, & have clean fun. God designs us to be satisfied in Him only.  Apart from Him we are unsatisfied.
God decides who gets the blessings. He always gives to who pleases Him. The world is dictated by laws. Mother Nature synchronizes with time. We are born because of love. We die because of sin.
When we plant we reap. Nature operates on reciprocity. Mourning means lamenting. Merry making means laughing. Nature will not build for you. But it will destroy what you built. Anything that is useless is thrown. Anything that is useful is kept. Silence is helpful some time. Talking is not helpful all the time.
Love and peace are conjoined. Hate and war are synonyms. If workers work for gain they will have more pain. No pain, no gain. We are stewards of God’s creation. We are not the owners. God acts deliberately. He does not operate on impulse.
God is the author of happiness. The devil spammed this happiness. There is great pleasure in eating and drinking. These things are to be enjoyed.

God’s work stands forever.  His mighty deeds deserve reverence. The past, the present, & the future were foreordained. We cannot undo them. Justice is never delayed. At its appointed time it will be executed. Righteousness is judged unto salvation. Wickedness goes unto condemnation.
Man is created higher than an animal. An uncontrolled man is like a beast. The amazing truth is that man and animals will die. No creatures last. Earth is the skin of man. It doesn’t matter if it’s black, brown, or white. Our quest for knowledge ends when we die. That’s the true agnosticism.
Life is to be enjoyed to the fullest. A fool says no. The powerful oppresses the poor. The poor is always powerless. The dead are better off than those who are alive. I agree.
Much better is the one who has not seen evil. Evil is always worst.
Improving skills is motivated by envy. Even if we do not improve it is still vanity. An idle man is a fool. He doesn’t understand life. Gentleness in service is recommended. The opposite is rudeness.
There is always meaninglessness under the sun. Even the night is vain. If you don’t have a child you are unhappy. If you do have you are unhappy. Two is better than one. It takes two to labor together. A united people can stand the enemies. A people divided can’t stand. A companion is a good thing. That is if they are together.
Two is better than one. Three is stronger than two. A hardworking man is wiser than a lazy man. A wise poor beats a foolish king. A wise man is free. A foolish doesn’t know what it meant to be free. People are persuaded by charisma. They are turned off by sham.
Popularity is like a wheel. No one stays on top all the time. Revere God, you mortals. God alone is immortal. Promise not if you cannot keep it. Seal your lips and save your skin. Ambition drives a man to pursue something. Nothing indeed is lasting.
Honor God and He will honor you. Keep your end. A vow unfulfilled is a lip service. A vow is a solemn duty. A promise is not to be broken. A promise is served. Dreams are vanities. Ambitions are day dreams.
Corruption is from the top to bottom. The bottom suffers. Neither the corrupt nor the victim wins. The land remains the same. Money can never satisfy a man. The love of it brings unhappiness. A wealthy man is a glutton. He gains disease and death.
A worker gets plenty of exercise. The owner gets a lot of sickness. Money is to be used. Money was never intended to be kept. Riches beget misery. Somebody will recklessly spend someone’s savings. Naked we came out from the womb. Naked we return to the ground. From cradle to the grave what have we gained? Precisely we gain nothing.
Man’s toil is empty. His lot is misery.
Choosing to be happy is a wise choice. Even for a moment. God’s happiness is not all laughter. It is peace. Happiness is not boisterous. Joy is. Every day we see the face of evil. This is Humanity. Blessed is today. Shame is tomorrow.
A successful man is not better than a poor man. He who enjoy is. When death comes all works are naught. No one can boast. After the sun comes darkness. It is better not to be born. All road leads to one end. Even if we construct detours that road leads nowhere.
We work for food. But we are not satisfied. No one has advantage over the other. Wise become fools. Fools become wise. Enjoy now do not wait later. Everything was discovered before. We innovate. More words, more conflict. Fewer words mean less misunderstanding.
Life is short. Pain is longer.
Die an honest man. This is noble. It’s better to mourn. The heart is comforted. Sorrow is better than laughter. The heart is glad. Mourn and be wise. Laugh and be a fool. Welcome rebuke. Forsake flattery. Oppressors are foolish. Oppression is unwise.  The end is better than the beginning. Patience lasts. Slow to anger. Be quick to forgive. The past is not better than the present. It is not to be compared.
Choose wisdom. Live it in the day.
Wisdom guides us. Money destroys us. God is good. His works testify. In prosperity trust God. In Adversary trust God. Righteous die young. Wicked will die later, no difference. If you want to live longer do not be a fool. Die on time. God gives success. Seek God. A good word is wiser than ten kings. Word is strength. All sinned. Few repent. Use information with great caution. Act like a spy. Do not look too wise. Do not show as a fool.
Worldliness is madness. Foolishness is worldliness. Seduction is a trap. Sleeping with her is death. One plus one equals two. Math is genius. Who is better? Man or a woman?
God spoke the truth. Man interprets it falsely. Study to gain wisdom. Not to gain wealth. Keep your word. Honor the command of God.
Words are like boomerang. They will come back. Obedience spares the fine. Lack of it brings fees. Time works amazingly. What marvels us is its exactness. Who can tell the future? Only God can.
We follow the boss. The boss follows someone else. Graveyards are not holy ground. Both good and bad are there. Human heart follows evil. Divine heart follows goodness. Evil doers may abound on earth. But the good are heaven bound.
Wicked men will be punished. Righteous will be rewarded. Wicked are treated righteously. Righteous are treated wickedly. Enjoy the good and the bad treatment. Both come at the same time. To see is to enjoy. To enjoy is to see. Where are we when God made the earth? Do not speculate.

Fate respects no man. God neither.  All men are mad. They are liars too. “A living dog is better than a dead lion.” A dead lion is sacred than a living dog. “The living knows they will die. But the dead know nothing.” If a person dies his emotions are dead, too. When a person dies even his shadows will fade away.
The best advice is to live a life approved by God. If you can use your hands use it before you die. Wisdom is impressive. Foolishness is lackluster. A fool is like a fish caught in a net. The struggle is useless. When a man dies he dies. He is not alive. His breath goes back to God. His body returns to the ground. Be pure in heart. Be wise in mind.
Marriage is permanent.  Enjoy even your misery. Do your utmost for God. Give your best for Him. Life is a marathon. Run slow but be sure to finish. Tragedy strikes least expected. It strikes randomly. People know what vanity is. They do not know how to enjoy. Greed is vicious. It overkills even a fly.
When you are poor you are ignored. More if you have wisdom. Good words are welcomed. Bad words are rejected. Wisdom is mightier than weapons of war. It’s a potent weapon. One wrong move and you are check mate. One dead rat stink the lot. Being a fool stinks and it is heavy to the smell.
The heart of the wise is lifted up. The heart of the unwise is heading down. A fool will lose his way on the road. Be calm even when the king is mad.
Absolute power in the hands of a fool is dangerous. Foolishness is applauded in high places. Wisdom reverses the fortunes of slaves and princes. Beware you might be caught in your own trap. Heavy labor is not so wise for the health.
Sharpen your tools it will shorten labor time. If you die before you received your pay it’s useless. Graciousness comes out from the wise. The fool’s mouth breaths complain. The first and last words of the unwise is wickedness and evil. The funny thing about being a fool is you multiply foolishness. Wasted laborers are useless and useless directions for the one who is a fool.
Maturity is not measured by age. Blessings follow the morally upright. Laziness reaps burden and irresponsible behavior rottenness. Food, wine, and money are vanity. The greatest of these is money. When in private keep your mouth shut from cursing people for your safety.
Generosity is like a boomerang. It will always come back. When saving your wealth, divide it to 7 & 8, perfect & complete. When clouds are filled up it will rain. Trees fall in their places. If we know the weather we will prepare. We really don’t know how God works. It’s better that way. Just plant and reap. Nature will do its work. The light from the sun is good for us.
Rejoice in life and remember to laugh when you remember the bad days. This is true rejoicing in being young and when old you will be stronger.
Later in life God will ask you what good thing have you done with your time? Remove the sadness from your heart. How? Just think of God. God is our priority when we are young. God is our end when we are old. Do not let the sun go down without thanking God for His goodness. Without God even the mighty men are weak and feeble.
Business will come to a halt without God. The economy worsens if we neglect God. Terrorism will stop when God intervenes at His own time. Remember God when time is bad and when dark days come. The dust returns to the ground, the spirit to God. This is absolute.
At the end of the day all is still empty. Only the wise can discern wisdom. Wise men are rare. Their source of wisdom is God. Be warned of too much seeking for wisdom. Seek God instead. To sum up the duties of all: “fear God and keep His commandments.” God will bring all things to judgment day.
Enjoy hope in your journey!

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