Thank God for the Rain in Glendale, CA today Oct 5, 2011

Every morning when I wake up, I bend my knee and pray to thank God for the gift of life. That I can still open my eyes and breath. I truly thank Him for employment that I have and the Southern California Conference leaders for their wisdom and guidance. I thank God for my mentors in the ministry (Elders Vic Arreola, Sam Lee, Dem Robles) and that God will inspire them everyday. I thank God for the hot water in the bathroom and the drinking water that I use to continue life. I thank God for the safety, the protection from last night’s sleep. I thank God for my wife and my sister and our families that they too are alright. Truly, I thank God beyond words that I am just alive.

Today, I thank God for the rain here in my area (Glendale, CA). I know the grass, the trees and the mountains really needed this rain. The firefighters rejoice and the farmers delight. While the freeway is slow I still thank God that for the rain and that no flooding occurred.

My wife bought me a new suit, 2 shirts and 2 ties yesterday from a store called Prestige in Eagle Rock Mall near my place. The owner’s name was Mark. He was from Greece. He had been in business for 7 years. He told me about how his business is doing and that he has sleepless nights because the sales are not as rosy as four years ago. Although it was not only him who is affected by this present economy, my heart was touched by his honesty that indeed times are tough for him and his family and that he depends only in God. I have introduced myself to him as associate pastor and he gave me good deal for the suit that my wife bought. When I left Mark and was outside the mall, I thought to myself, God is really good to me and that I need to pray for my bro, Mark. His teary eye softened my heart. My wife and I were the only customers yesterday.  So I thought of him as I watch the rain. Someday, the light will come out beyond the bend.

I thank God for the thoughtfulness and love of my wife and also thankful that I spent time with Mark, a struggling business man. He needs the grace of God and my little help of referring. So if you are ever in our area and you need a suit or any (men’s wear) just let me know and I will be happy to recommend his store. Also the Lord sees the struggles of all of us. So, today I thank God for the rain here in Glendale, CA. Beautiful rain reminds me of God’s love and goodness.

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