Confusing Points in Erwin Pajares published book “A Positive Mind in a Negative World.”

Ronie Barmedo is an ordained SDA minister in Central Luzon Conference and is the nephew of Erwin Pajares. Erwin wrote his theological thoughts in a book form and is actively selling it to SDA members and others in Southern California Conference territory. Ronie was able to proofread his book and found glaring yet subtle confusing points that undermines SDA doctrine and established beliefs. Erwin claims to be an SDA pastor and evangelist which is not true. He was not employed in the SDA Church. This blog shares what Ronie had researched from Erwin’s book with the purpose of presenting errors and urging SDA members not to subscribe to Erwin’s misleading concepts.

Here are some of them from Ronie Barmedo:

 Confusing Points in the Book Positive Mind in a Negative World.
 p. 67 even before the entrance of sin the idea of death and decay among plants and fruits must have been design…decay begun in creation even before the entrance o f sin…sickness and death must have been design too… God’s alternative to show His miraculous act
 p. 109 Religion are man made to appease God’s wrath
 p. 111 God Hates Religion 
Christianity was never meant to be a religion…religion is essentially idolatry.
 p. 114 There is no Judgement anymore among His children
p.147. don’t worry if you can’t actually obey God’s law..bec. the Bible says you can only obey the law in your mind. Rom.7:25
Don’t worry if your obedience is haftway only..bec. Jesus’ obedience made you righteous already even before you were born.
p. 169   you were forgiven before you were born..forgiven past present and future
Col1 :14 efe.1:7
p. 170  Present and future sins had been forgiven too…by blotting out our sins and nailed it to the cross
p. 173 no longer counting our sins against us 2 cor. 5:18
p. 117 His judgment is limited only to the ungodly and unbelievers
p.191 –Today, God requires a new righteousness
p. 203 Good works has nothing to do with faith and salvation
p. 208 Good works has nothing to do with faith or religion
p. 217  works .. not doing about regular works such as ethical, good manners, or  being friendly.
p. 219 works…not about obedience to the law.
p. 205 Good deeds and service to humanity ..not a product of faith.
 p. 227 we have been set free from the power of sinful nature
p. 228 Hamartano- is that sin belongs only to the believer not unbeliever 1jn 5:16
p. 229- Christians cannot practice habitual sin-hamartano
p. 231- to commit sin is natural
p. 233 to be sinful is natural. Your sinful nature and sinful acts are obstacle to approach God,at least in our experience. But now no more…
p. 257 Once Saved Always Saved – is biblically true
p. 259 the problem with tenses of salvation is that people would live in their infernal insecurity without claiming the assurance of salvation today
p. 260- autumn leaves that fall prior to the coming of sin.
p. 261- Angels are getting old..
P. 262 Judas was not a believer..
p. 280- the Bible does not teach us to look for a true church.
The bible does not name any Christian denomination or church as a remnant or true church 
p. 283- In the NT there is no injunction to eat or prohibition of those animals recorded in Lev. 11 and Deut 14
p. 285 obedience and disobedience to the law has nothing to do with salvation
p. 281 any Christian who do not apply Lev 11 will not be save ..still unclear to me
p. 291 Decalogue is not calling for a congregational meeting only familial.
p. 294- Saturday or Sunday observance must be ceremonial in nature…not from the Decalogue
Both Saturday  and Sunday keeping is neither ceremonial nor moral…now must be cultural.
p.295 human rational soul
p. 296- resurrect bacchiocchi  ..and Constantine to explain
p. 297 Mark 2:27to explain this is another book to write
Whether Jesus is endorsing the Sabbath to keep it holy base on Decalogue or festival still unclear to relation to mart 2:27
p. 298- mature Christian –spirituality ..not based on the quality of joining holy convocations and solemn assemblies

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