I Desire this Place

It’s 4:54 am. The neighbor in the east side started his van. After few minutes someone on the north jumped into a waiting car. The dogs were barking next door. Crickets couldn’t shut up. After a couple of hours school bus roaring in the west narrow street along my house. The day is about to break and this place is bursting with engine sounds and tires heating the road.

I lived in a not so nice neighborhood. I heard from a local resident this place is used to be a decent place because retired workers lived in the community. But when they passed away and the properties were rented out or sold out to other folks that’s when the noise came in. Plus the low income apartment complexes a block away made it a bit crowded. The south-east neighbor loves to scream and shout to her teenagers and pets. Burned weed could be smelled. Young people walking at times with pants off their butts. Even though a police officer park his service vehicle in his residence across my place, I still feel apprehensive around. On the main highway one block lies a liquor and cigarette store.

I don’t desire this place. During Covid when things are rough and tough in CA I decided to pack and get out of there with my family. I was looking around for a cheaper house. And this is where it leads my search. You really get what you paid for. And it is not all bad its just not a place to enjoy with family, stroll without fear, and make new friends. I am not saying I could not create new friends. In fact I greet my neighbors when they are out. But the sound and feel of this place is not just right for fellowship.

So I desire to move out but unfortunately I don’t have enough means. The house value is not that high to transfer to a quieter place.

But I desire another place. In my mind I have no clue where. Yet I imagine a place surrounded by rolling hills covered in green grass. On top of the plateau is a house. Vegetable garden covers the yard. Fruit bearing trees dots the outskirts of the perimeter. The sights of deer and birds could be seen. No electricity just solar powered technology. Water comes from the stream and purified stored in a tank. A quiet space with large acreage. That would be nice place to grow a family. I pray God will guide me to find that place.

This may just be my fantasy. I may not be able to move to such a place. Due to the economic collapse, tyrannical restrictions, and unavailability of such property. The best places on earth are taken over by the elites.

Abraham is right. He is looking forward to a “city” built not by human hands but by Hand of the One True God and His Son-Jesus Christ. I do not see hope in this world except in Christ’s return.

I desire this “city” place and look forward to be where my God and His Son dwells.


Published by marklastimoso

Follower of Jesus-the Son of the Living God!