Not My Will But Thy Will Be Done

“Do what thou wilt” is a Satanic verse. Jesus, the literal Son of God, spoke and act contrary to this Luciferian creed. Jesus, the Messiah of the world, submits to His Father. He does the will of His Father.

Thus, Jesus gives glory to Him. The glory of God is seen in the manifestation of the life, works, and ministry of His Son. In essence, doing God’s will is following the righteousness of the One True God. Christ obeyed the will of His Father because it was to saved humanity and preserve harmony in the vast universe. Such wondrous act of love!

Yet the loving character of God allows free will for everyone. And we all saw the consequences of doing our own will. Seeking our own means destruction. If we are not walking with the Spirit of Christ we are treading in the presence of the enemy.

It is difficult to submit to the will of the Father without the guidance of the Son. Our choices had caused so much woes and chaos in this world. No amount of tyrannical governance or forceful dictatorship will heal the world.

Only by obedience to the will of God can humanity continue to exist. This is the reason why surrender and separation from the world is a must. This world is home to Satanic verses and Lucifer’s creed. So what must we do?

By beholding the Son of God we will be changed. Each day let us view Jesus as our personal companion. His Spirit feeds us with hope. Every waking hours let us commit our tasks to Jesus. His Spirit guides our soul. Moment by moment let us welcome the Word of Christ in our minds and hearts. His Spirit points us to all truth.

Christ is in the right hand of God, in the heavenly sanctuary above to mediate to us, The Father gives His Son all power and authority. The Son’s omnipresence in our hearts is His Holy Spirit. There is no other spirit other than Christ’s which is from the Father.

As we approach eternity, it is solemn to share this message. The message of Jesus, the Son of God, comforts us by His own Spirit to journey on and stay faithful till the end.

I believe Jesus. I want to do Christ’s will in my life for I know it is righteous because it comes from the One True God.

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Follower of Jesus-the Son of the Living God!

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