At Times its Tough

Overcast clouds pall over my area. It’s a gloomy day. I woke up my pregnant wife with our 3rd child for her doctor’s appointment. She decided to cancel it due to an unwell feeling. I have to reschedule it. The rambunctious 2 toddlers are competing for attention and I have to drive to the city for vehicle service. The cries, the choices, and the constant reminder of the days’ activities chorus to near irritation level.

I was thinking of what to write and broadcast for the message today. I am caught up with the mundane chores and necessary stuff to finish. I was able to buy few groceries and gas up for the trip today. I seldom drive because the gas price is still high. For the past 10 days I was exhilarated to return to full time independent ministry. I was really blessed and encouraged by the comments and support of the OTG community. I am grateful.

I recall the 5 years of uncertainty since I left my full time pastoral position. I could not land a job. I tried to apply to other SDA conferences but was rejected. I did send my resumes to find secular work but was not selected. It was roller coaster ride. But the last few days I felt God wants me to do this work of preaching the One True God message.

The crisis that we all face is becoming an opportunity for all to examine our lives. I mean to look hard and set things in perspective, in order, with clarity of purpose. I have been so absorbed of my own needs that I overlook the greater cause and the glorious picture beyond the mayhem here. I do not want to return to work for the consumer gospel. I decided to dedicate my life to spreading the plain truth gospel of the Word.

I have struggles and today I pondered. I need to set my self in order, my house too, and then this message. That there is only true God and His Son who cares for me and their Spirit dwells with those who believe.

I pray you and I will be able to advance to move past the hurts, pains, and frustrations that life throws at us. Sure hope that sometime today the sun will shine again. And the Son of God will turn things around for us. For the better. God is good.

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