Trust in a World of Mistrust

Data is an extremely important source at this time. Is it absolute? I do not think it is. For example a person may deliberately withhold info and write a different response in a survey. People may not necessarily confide the truth. People may not respond truthfully to survey questions. Data is used but it could be subjective based on bias and prejudice. There are instances wherein people do not trust their own judgments and words but they dispense and believe their own lies as if it’s the present truth. Many innocent people are incarcerated and the real culprits are still on the loose.

But for all it is worth authorities use data as a trusted source today. Whoever has the data rules the world. Should I trust the data?

I checked the weather on my location via the weather app and it says shower. But I look out of my window its overcast but its not showering. It is not that the app is not accurate it is because of the limitations of the real time to fully predict the weather. Yet it might rain in the next few minutes.

My points is data could be manipulated and it could mislead as into thinking the absolute trust worthiness of science and technology. In my thinking as long as humankind’s fingerprint is in data the truth and trust remains in the realm of fallibility.

Who do I trust then in this world? The best that I can do is to decide and use data if I can to question reality and the real time experience. Human mind is quicker than computers and data. I can change my mind in split second while the computer is still gathering info.

Then and now my trust in God’s Word is absolute as it is real as well as it is infallible. Why? Because what it says came to pass and its foresight happened. God’s Word is my trust position and through its lens I see the world of data around me.

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