Why the System is Rigged in Favor of the Few Elites Who Worship the Enemy

Luke 10:18 KJV says, “And he said unto them, ‘I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.'” Jesus observed the burst of energy beaming down from the sky worthy of the Savior’s eyes. The enemy of God, the grand lying rebel, and wizard of light was cast out of pedestal to the earth. For purposes only God can explain. Why on earth? Why not destroy him instantaneously after the sinister plot that convince a third of the angels? Mercy and probation? Or maybe a test for those newly created beings on the garden? The ultimate apocalyptic sentence for him is vanishment.

But for now he is the prince of the air waves, the magician of darkness, and the chief innovator of both the good and the bad. Satan had taken over the earth. He brought mega mayhem. He initiated iniquity par excellence. And spawned a system that ruled the earth for millennia with blood, more of it with pain, and horrendous, beyond description deaths, with untold super sufferings for mankind. Satan is the apex of the pyramid. The all seeing eye of the world. The de facto Lord of the heaven, the earth, and the underworld.

Now, our only safety is in trusting the Word of the True God. A loving God. Who gave us His Son instead of taking from us our eternal heritage.

The Bible is sure Word of Hope.

The system of the world is to have dominion over all people. Satan mastered control over his subjects. Satan took over the dominion assigned to men craftily, cunningly, and creatively. Deceitfully he succeeded in twisting the Word of God. Here are the enemy’s system of lies in place for the ages to behold:

  1. You’re immortal- No limits to hedonism, freedom to do what your carnal heart desires.
  2. You’re wiser- You don’t need to believe in God to achieve great things.
  3. You’re rich- If you give your life to Satan you will be celebrated, adored, voted by the world.
  4. You’re not you- There is no biological distinction. You can be whatever you want to be.
  5. You’re powerful- Break all the laws and get away. Mock the believers and be elected their leader.
  6. You’re sexy- Follow the crowd. Be yourself. Only yourself. Just yourself. Express yourself.
  7. You’re Free- Don’t follow any rules. Cheat, lie, and kill to reach the top. Dominate.
  8. You’re way only- You’re furious and fast. Beat them all and follow your own way.
  9. You’re Good- From within you is the heart of goodness. Exploit it and make no remorse.
  10. You’re Self made- Dope everyone else to give you theirs to be self-made.
  11. You’re Invincible- There is no judgment. No responsibility. No second death.
  12. You’re Talented- Use it to enrich yourself. Bigger, better, brighter, and bloodier.
  13. You’re the Idol- There is no commandment from God just you’re own mind to follow.

Have you ever wandered why the many who heed the lies of the enemy are in control now. The fiddlers of the pyramid are not believers of God. They are worshippers of light. They bow down to its bearer. And they are scattered worldwide. They build with masons the mighty cities and empires. They united the world with their universal chants and famed religiosity. They maintained their armies by taxing their people to death. They speak like a dragon but behave like a lamb. They have spoken through one voice and everybody received it. And everything they do is contrary to what the Bible teaches. Esoteric and isoteric are their ways to hide their evil agenda. They used the name of God to malign Him and spur rebellion against Him.

Yet God is a loving God who gave His Son to save men.

The government of men is always and forever corrupt. The merchants are always and forever greedy. The workers are always and forever selfish, The world is consumed by the lies of the enemy. the proof of all these things are in the news, in the lives of everyone, in the halls of history.

In casino the house always wins. The top gets the lion share. In wall street the huge funds always win. The elite gets the whole pie and the crumbs goes to the base. In government the gang inside always get richer. The people are screwed and are ignorant about it. In entertainment the idol worshipper always win. The celebrated gets the billions. In mass media falsehood always win. Propagandists grew wealthier. In social media the founders always win. Their chiefs take control. In technology the geeks always win. Few decide who can or cannot have it. In medicine the big Pharma always win. By the point of a finger one dies and one half dead. In military the head general always win. The tip of the spear sucks up the most blood and becomes mega rich. In offices the boss always wins. To be replace by another corrupted boss.

Social(sc)ism, demo(n)cracy, dictatorshi(ek)p, autocra(p)tic are all the same because these systems are controlled by men who follow the enemy of God.

Those who live godly lives will suffer persecution from them. Antichrists are everywhere, in every religion, and in every sphere of influences. The apex leads to the true north in the city of the seven hills where graves of those millions murdered in the name of Jesus are in place.

The few elites under the banner of the enemy rule this world. Read the Bible and you will find understanding.

Only those who fortified their minds and hearts with Bible truths will endure the deception, so evil, so horrifying, so blatant that even God needs to shorten its days.

God have mercy. Be faithful till death. Eternity awaits.

To God be the Glory!

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