The Lonely Preacher

Good to be alive! The sun is up. The wind is mild. It is just a very nice day. I am grateful to live. I am thankful to be free. I am aware of the chaos and confusion around me. And I ask for God’s Wisdom to carry me on through the malaise, the mess, and the maleficent era. No way around it. Head on with faith or tail in with doubt.

I am a lonely preacher because my message is never popular. I am lonely preacher because the tide is against the truth. The Bible against all lies. True faith portrayed as terror. Culture evolves with time. Sin had covered the heart. Cheers for Satan. Mockery for God.

Only few will be indeed be ready. The myriad enemies of truth will soon be defeated. It has been defeated. This time it will resonate loud and huge. The riches of the few will soon be ashes. The power of the evil will be long gone. The sufferings of the righteous will end. God will proclaim the victory of truth!

This world is broken. Indeed a lonely planet. Billions of souls can pretend, can masks, and can delude themselves that good times will roll. Truth hurts that the party is over.

History reveals the fate of men, women, and children. Human nature has been sinfully consistent and in fact twisted for the worst. Yet the vengeance of God is so worth the wait. The judgment of God is sure and firm. The prophecy has been affirmed, confirmed, and written.

Corruption is in the skin, teeth, and soul of all. Only God can change the human heart. With all its failings and fallings the world enjoys the carnal, the banal, and the cabal of the evil one. Yet the Good One is coming to trash and clean up the hearts and minds of the polluted. May this lonely preacher be damned now and be vindicated later.

Do not fall for greed. Do not bear false reports. Do not hoard the materials for yourselves. Do not commit to the worldly entertainments. Do not harm others. Do not hurt life. Do not steal. Nor be an adulterer nor fornicator. Do not bow to the sun, moon, and stars. Only to God. Do not forget the Word of God still stands. Also boycott the worldly goods that support the enemy of God. Support the Word of God with your earthly possessions.

Remember the true day of worship is Saturday. Has been and always will be in time eternity the 7th day perfect. The first day is for the enemy.

Read for yourselves and decide. I am a lonely preacher by your side.

Jesus was. And His disciples, too. I am no higher than the Master I obey.

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Follower of Jesus-the Son of the Living God!

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