I am Grateful for Today!

Still cloudy skies paint the horizon. The birds are in the yard picking for their food. They really do not have to worry. Their provisions are free in the ground. I love watching them. Brown and blue chested birds are nice to look at. While black birds are, too. On the south side, stray cats play run and hide. My porch is occupied by my dog overzealous of his place he keeps on barking at squirrels dashing to the trees and cats passing by. The sun is blocked by the evergreen leaves of tall straight majestic trees on the east side while on the west two imposing trees wait for full spring. Just a serene day to ponder and say thanks.

It’s been seven months since my family and me left the city of LA. The rat race life is not a pleasant one for me. Here it’s slow and laid back life. I am grateful for today because I could see the clouds. Watch the sun. Behold the birds. Greet the sound of the gentle breeze with exhilaration.

Opportunities are scarce here. Money and commerce, too. But it can’t substitute for the simple life of ease that contentment fills.

My family and me ate once a day. Budget and manage the very scarce resources we have and live just for today. I used to worry a lot. Now, I Thank God I worry less. The story of Queen Esther in the Bible gave me some perspective about purpose and life. “If I perish, I perish.” The declaration is a relief. What must I be anxious for stuff I can’t have or job I can’t get? If this is the end it’s the end.

But it turns out I still have today. For which I am very grateful to the Source of Life-God. No hope without Him. No faith without His Word. No joy without His promises. God has provided.

Everyday I read the news. Nothing there to be happy about. They are synchronized and almost identical in reporting. I think mainstream news are skewed and the system is indeed rigged for the few favored ruling elites and their friends.

I cannot put my trust in the government of men and women who are not even grateful they have huge salaries let alone godless. I can’t put my faith in the system either of capitalism or socialism. Human greed is insatiable and impossible to appease. As long as there is power few men holds it is absolutely true it corrupts the holder of control. Politicians, adultery, sexual harassment, embezzlement, graft, corruption, power, favor, betrayal, and lies are synonymous with government. Greed sums them all. Wall street, White street, and Weapon street are the same street of corrupt men and women. There are few good men and women there but they are silent.

There are many things to consider and to think through. One of them is to be grateful today. And I am glad to share this with you.

I am grateful today because I have love in my upper fixer home. I am grateful today because I can breath in the small space I can afford. I am grateful today that I can eat only fruits and vegetables plus soy milk. I am grateful today I have two trusted friends. I am grateful today that I am still alive though I deserve otherwise because of my sin. I am grateful today because the debts, taxes, and bills will come to collect another day.

I am just grateful today. I am free to enjoy it. Yes, I am very grateful indeed!

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