Why “GIVE” is the Most Powerful Word It Can Change Minds and Lives!!!

“Give” is a common action word in the English language. It is the most powerful word when used in word and in deed. If you put any word before it the meaning is magnified. Below are some of my best ideas when it comes to “Give”.

  1. About Give- God is a Giver.
  2. To Give- Act of compassion.
  3. For Give- Act of love.
  4. The Give- Jesus’ life is a Gift.
  5. He Give- Voluntarily.
  6. She Give- Beautiful Moments.
  7. They Give- United in Cause.
  8. Why Give- Self-examination.
  9. Pre Give- Motivation is Key.
  10. Pro Give- All for Good Work.
  11. Here Give- Distance does not Matter.
  12. We Give- Collective effort.
  13. Free Give- Redundancy with a purpose.
  14. Be Give- An Invitation to Act.
  15. Ever Give- Unbound altruism.
  16. Hence Give- Command and conclusion.
  17. Still Give- Continual effort and mindfulness.
  18. Take Give- Acceptance with gratitude.
  19. Self Give- Love for oneself.
  20. One Give- Chance of redemption.
  21. Last Give- Ultimate finish.
  22. Wow Give- Excited and expected.
  23. Crypto Give- Complex yet clear.
  24. Hyper Give- Actively engaging in business.
  25. Mega Give- Gigantic yet gentle.
  26. Greed Give- Can be for good and bad.
  27. Up Give- Push on.
  28. Down Give- Pull it.
  29. Ex Give- Consider the benefits.
  30. Prime Give- Best of both worlds.
  31. Do Give- Act of mercy.
  32. You Give- Marketing and profits.

Of course the most powerful word in the list above is “Forgive” when used and not abused it could change minds and hearts. Plus every lives will benefit when everybody give and this world will be a better place to live than in Mars.

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