God has been good to me. I have been going through the narrow road of life yet I was guided and safely led to where I am now. God was not only good but He was faithful along the way. I am grateful that I served the God who cares for me. One of the missions I wanted to do now is to focus on preparing not only myself but others for the great day of God’s only Son imminent return for the second time. It has been passion and desire to one day see the Lord Jesus Christ coming out of heaven through the clouds and all eyes will see, will hear, and will feel Him. Those who are righteous will be caught up with Him and even the righteous dead will be resurrected to meet Him in the air but the wicked living will be slain and the wicked dead will remain in their graves until the millennium of peace reigns.
     This road that leads me to life eternal is full of trials, thorns, and twists. Yet if I remain in this road I will be able to reach the ultimate destination. Let me say a little bit to you about this road. First, it is an unattractive road for many people. This road is not even broad and popular. Also the road requires discipline. The more time you take the road the more tough it will become for your body, mind, and heart to thread its dusty and winding way.
     The road to eternity can only take one thing not many stuff. Just the basic necessity to live and survive and that is Christ-like Character. It is a lonely road. A depressing scene for those who are not used to be in this road. But now is the time to take this road because the more we delay the harder it is to take this road again.
     What does it mean to be on this road? For me it is a state of the mind that is aware through the guidance of the Bible and the Spirit of prophecy by Ellen G. White that this world is not our final destination. That we are pilgrims traveling along the road of life. I choose to be in the narrow road and I took the road to stay in this road. The other road is broad which will easily lead me to deception, destruction, and death. I do not want to be lost so I am readying myself to be able to reach my goal in life and that is to meet the Lord Jesus Christ where He is.
     I have to keep on taking this road. I must follow the Bible and the Spirit of property and obey its precepts. Sometimes I am tired taking the lonely walk along this road to eternity but the more I press the more I see end. Only few people ever take that road to eternity because the road to destruction is enticing, seducing, and inviting. Many have died without having hope because they deliberately do not want to thread the road to eternity.
     Friend, I want to continue my journey. And I am hoping and praying you will join me in this road to eternity. I am asking God to create a new heart within me each day that I wade through this road. I pray to the Lord Jesus Christ, His Son, that others will find this road I am taking in. And yes that I may encourage others to stay in this road and never give up until Christ Jesus is see along the way. I have but a short time to tell you this and I hope you will choose today to take this road with Jesus Christ. Amen.

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