The Desperate Cockroach

An American Cockroach 

Cockroaches surface when it is dark. They creep when the lights are off. They rampage in the kitchen, closets, and bathrooms. They encroach anywhere were they can find food for their own survival. We abhor the sight of a surface where cockroaches run, wade, and sit. We want to maintain our surfaces, pots, plates, and pans free from any harmful elements they might leave behind. Therefore, a cockroach is public enemy in line with rats, pests, and other bad insects.

I was told that a good deterrent for a cockroach to show up at night is to turn the lights on. For sure this will cause additional energy bill but I did try to leave the lights on. I noticed that indeed it worked. When the light is on the cockroaches do not show up. But as the months and years passed I realized that not only was my bill was getting higher but the desperation level of the cockroaches are amped up to the max. They would show up in corners where the light would not penetrate. And when they are uncovered they cowered dashing in any direction to avoid being crushed. They would hang underneath the pans and plates. They would camouflage among the grocery items and alas I found few brave creeps into the refrigerator hiding among the fruits and veggies. The desperation is so intense that they are not afraid or shy or are not hurt by light anymore.

So there are few who are desperate but still the sight of them falling when you uncover some kitchen items or clean the darkened corner is enough to upset you to say-desperate times means desperate measures.

The cockroaches are risking their lives due to the fact that they are desperate to survive and not be extinct. Do we need them? Perhaps there is a purpose for them as scavengers and are part of the food chain of other species. I do not know the reason why they exist. I know they do. And it ain’t good to have them near our tables, our beds, and private spaces.

A desperate cockroach will defy death by exposing itself to light. It will resist the urge to hide and be courageous to go out in the open. Why? I think because it wants to eat and live.

This real life observation about cockroach desperation made me think about my own desperation. I will either do foolish action or wise action when in despair. I can’t blame the cockroaches for their actions because their brains and orientations wired them to go out and find food. But I was gifted with a human brain and my orientation is guided by reason.

So, I must act accordingly and appropriately. I am desperate to survive too. But what must I do? This past year and many months I’ve not been earning to pay all the rent, bills. gas, and utilities. I sold many of my stuff, cut off spending, live in a meager means but still the next month’s bills keep on adding. I feel like a desperate cockroach. I still need to do the right thing even if it will involve risks. That’s the lesson I learned. What I can’t explain is if the cockroach is doing the right thing by creeping into my kitchen, my closet, my home.

Can someone explain to me why cockroaches are desperate?


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