Looking Back Looking Fore!

For about a year and a half now I look back on the journey I made from Chicago to Los Angeles. I look back from the snow to the sun, from the plain to the hills, and from the lakes to the beaches. Life constantly changed and consistently evolved into a remarkable discovery of difference. My life has been different and I am looking for ways to make a difference in others. As I look back, the feeling of being betrayed and abandoned by the very people I trusted simmered into my thoughts. This feeling is not unique. The life of Joseph has been a journey from the pits of despair to the places of hope. I experienced being broken many times over and had reached the limits of endurance. My soul has been purged by the depths of trials, the widths of cares, and the heights of lows. I am looking back collectively now not to seek vindication but to search for forgiveness. To forgive those who throw me into the pit of no return, to the prison of self-pity, and to the place of deprivation. That there was a purpose by God why such experiences were allowed and magnified the true God who managed the times to hone and mold the rough edges of my life. To forgive myself.

My experiences had taught me to trust only in God no matter what happens. I look ahead now and am convinced that indeed positions, possessions, and provisions though abound and abundant are not the real need of man. The real need of man is his realization that hope only comes from the perfect obedience to God through Jesus Christ and by His Word. This is what life is all about. That trust is firm and hope is pure.

I look back and can say that my journey was difficult but I look ahead and can say not to give up on the promise of bliss.

So today, I am grateful that in spite of me God showed His mercy. That even though I made terrible mistakes by faith God lifted me up. And when the thunder of horror shouts aloud God’s loving Hands never left me behind. I am thankful that I could see a brand new day. That I could feel a surge of pulse invigorating my spirit because I am relying on God’s Word.

That today I could look back and bless my future. That I am loved by God even when others cannot love me. That I can love those who cursed my life and even though I am unlovable by nature. Yes, what’s ahead is more pressing significant and utterly important than what lies behind. But I am glad that I made it through the winters and summers of life. I am pleasantly smiling that I made it through the rain and the wind. God is ahead of me and I need to journey on because the past is leading me to Him.

This is life. It is amazing. To know that God has been all the way leading me to the right path. I am excited to see the unfolding and the uncovering of His wonderful plan for my life.

No time to blink. I am blessed!

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