Someone Cares When You Are Down!

It is a beautiful day! I drove to one of our Liberty Tax offices in Kendall Dr to open it at 9:30am and set up the flags and signs out in the lawn.  A homeless person sat on the corner outside of the office and I did not really mind because he was obviously trying to get some sunshine. Clients were coming in to the door and I hurried to drive to our other office in University Parkway. When I return I heard from the reception desk that a police office came by and checked the premises of the Kendall Square. I went to the corner and saw the homeless guy. I approached him and noticed that he was about to light his cigarette. I engaged him in a conversation. He was unkempt with tattoos on his neck and face. His pants was down exposing his underwear. He uses his jacket as a sleeping mat and had a lighter on his hand.

The night before someone throw a rock on our office glass and broken glasses were on the side street. I greeted him and introduced my name. He gave his name as James. I asked him if he saw someone acting suspicious last night. The CCTV angle could not get a good picture of who throw a rock on the glass which cost us $160 to replace. 
James was 26 years old,  a former Christian but drifted along the way and made several wrong choices that led him loitering on the streets. I actively listened and felt my heart was tugged. He was down and no one seems to care for him. I asked him why he likes cigarettes? He said it feels good. I asked him if he understands that smoking is dangerous to one’s health and other people too. He knows but he likes the ‘feel’ so he smokes. He was about to go to the liquor store and I asked why would he want to go there? To buy cigarettes with few coins he got. I asked him if he was hungry. “Yes”, he replied.
I got some money and brought him to the donut shop nearby and bought him sandwich, water, and orange juice.
Listen, God cares for you and loves you. You are the son of the Most High God. The enemy of God wants to dishonor your Father above so the devil wants you to be where you are today. You can rise up from this life and start all over again. Go back to your family. Find help. Never give up choosing to live a decent life. Not in the streets. Quit smoking. Quit alcohol. Ask help from God and choose to live a clean life. You can do it man with Christ who cares and loves you.
I left the donut shop and saw him eating. I prayed for him. I feel I was the homeless guy and God found me. I was down before and now it is my time to help someone in greater need. $10.50 worth of food is temporary fix but the lessons we shared together changes my life. To help one person in need when no one else is there is ended a nobler purpose money can’t buy and that moment of pure joy for me. In retrospect someone did feed me when I was down. His name was Jesus Christ.

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