10 Point Vision Plan for Hinsdale Fil-Am SDA Church

Peace to you and thank you for your prayers. Really appreciate it. Here is my vision plan shared to the congregation yesterday.

10 Point Vision for Hinsdale Fil-Am SDA Church
1. Prepare and preach Christ-centered themes, Bible-based, and engaging messages each Sabbath that awakens people’s interest to worship and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.
2. Put in place and develop competent worship leader that will coordinate and enhance our praise, worship, and spiritual needs of our congregation in an intergenerational setting that promotes excellence without compromising the truths that we preach.
3.Plan to make the children’s ministry into a vibrant and active component of our worship experience by finding, developing children’s ministry coordinator that will address the needs of our parents and children while mentoring next generation children ministry leaders.
4. Plan to engage in community projects in our neighborhood that will promote goodwill and relevance to the needs of our community and beyond.
5. Participate and train elders and deacons to establish at least 10 small groups that are composed of 7-12 members where non-SDAs are invited and taught the Word of God in a home setting that builds relationship and trust.
6. Prayer, visits, and connecting with young adults, professionals who are active while reaching out to those who are missing in our church.
7. Plan to conduct two reaping events every year or public evangelism or mission trips with sufficient preparation to invite friends and families of our members to be trained, involved, to conduct and be a part of their church life.
8. Prepare stewardship education twice in a year and align church budget for each department and ministries to them to achieve the stated goals of the church for the year a) Evangelism b) mission c) education d) local operation e) community f) youth/young adults g) seniors h) etc.
9. Promote dynamic change in church by developing young generation of leaders as elders and equipping them mentoring them to lead the church into the next frontier and beyond.
10. Pray that Hinsdale Fil-Am will lead the Filipino-American community in innovation in ministries, excellent worship center, kid friendly, and service oriented faith based SDA Church.

God bless you and your family. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

For His Glory,

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