Pastor’s Corner: Battle for the Throne

Title- Battle for the Throne
Text- Revelation 4:1-2
OH- “Holy, Holy, Holy 73
CH- “Before Jehovah’s Awful Throne” 82
Pastor’s Corner
Battle for the Throne
Accordingly, a throne is the seat of power. It is symbol of kingship and rulership. In the Scriptures the throne room is open and John was invited to come up and see the awe inspiring theme of God which is love, unity, and splendor. We are also informed that a creature of the Creator rebelled and wants to take over His throne. God’s nemesis is doing everything to seize power. But Satan and his angels lost the battle.
Jesus, the warrior king, defeated them in heaven. Jesus, the suffering king, was the victor on the cross in earth. Thus, the book of Revelation tells us that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is in the throne room of heaven being worshipped and honored. While the devil and his cohorts lay desolate.
Friends, today the battle for our individual decisions is being fought. The question is who to worship and how to know the true God. The answers are hidden in plain sight. The Bible tells us of Creator God who loved us and sent Jesus Christ. The world tells us of the popular god of money. The false god of pleasure, power, and possessions are battling for control of our minds and hearts. We are being conditioned that the Bible is not to be followed or obeyed. Yes, the final battle front is in our hearts and minds. To be with Christ or Lucifer. To give up the throne to Satan or to fight for God’s throne. You and I needs to decide. And time is running out. May you choose Jesus Christ today. MLL

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