“The Art of Evangelism” EV 500 Fuller Theological Seminary Winter 2014

“The Art of Evangelism”
Beginning this year I enrolled in a class in Fuller Theological Seminary called 
“The Art of Evangelism” EV 500 under Dr Richard Peace. I am the only Adventist and there were 32 students. I took this as an Mdiv  equivalency for me to proceed to Andrews University for the “in house” Doctor of Ministry program for pastors in the field.
One of the lessons I learned about evangelism (from reading 6 required books & 4 articles) is that everyone who follows Jesus is an evangelist (bearer of good news). When a person hear, see, turned, and transformed by the love of Christ, it is the natural result to become converted, committed and compassionate in sharing Him.
Evangelism is an everyday commitment to first follow then witness. To follow is become a disciple. To witness is be honest about your walk and talk about Jesus. Early in the morning I would go to Eagle Rock Park to exercise and meet some Filipinos who wants to play basketball with me. I see this time as a potential way of sharing Jesus. What I do is I let them win and make friends with them. Also we share laughter together. In the course of time they came to know that I am working as a pastor. 
It is the work of the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sins. My role is to demonstrate by word and deed the meaning of being a disciple, evangelist, and an adventist. May we all become evangelists in our own sphere bringing the good news by our attitudes and our conversations. -MLL

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