Reading Report: The Reception of Daniel 7 in the Revelation of John by Thomas Hieke

The Reception of Daniel 7 in the Revelation of John
Thomas Hieke (Catholic educated)

Note: This is an example of a preterits interpretation of Scripures

“The kingdom of God will destroy all the oppressive powers of the present and lead the holy ones to victory.”
Daniel 7 core message and also the book of Revelation.  Hieke is correct in stating that Daniel 7 is the “core” of the first canon of Daniel and the “pivot” between chs. 2-6 and 8-12. In fact many scholars believed that Daniel 7 is the “veritable Centre” or the “heart.” 
Disclaimer: Not focus on intentionality of its allusion of Daniel 7 instead intertextual references
Hieke believes that Daniel 7 communicates:
After times of terror divine intervention follows-eschatological hope
The holy ones and the reign of the Most High (with human face) is everlasting- Christological  aspirations
To provide consolation includes admonition to be holy
The expression “one like a human being” alludes to the Messiah
Clearly there is a lot of import from Daniel 7 in the book of Rev

In page 7  the author’s Catholic education interprets one of the little horn’s as Antiochus IV Epiphanes clearly as a preterist school of interpretation which raises many questions and flaws in examining its historical context. (Scripture interprets Scripture and context is key)
Jaques Doukhan’s book “Secret of Daniel” page 110 is a historicist point of view.
Hieke’s conclusions:
Daniel 7 a message of consolation directed to the author’s own community, which is under pressure.- Daniel 7 speaks not only to his own community but to the latter days (our time).
Not possible to pin down one or more exact historical situation
Daniel 7 and Rev is an organic enhancements

Daniel is foreseeing the cross Revelation has seen the cross

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